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Sea Anemones

Sea Anemones


Bubble-tip anemone
(Entacmea quadricolor)
dt. Kupfer- oder Blasenanemone
Bubble-tip anemone (Entacmea quadricolor) (Photos Kenya (2), Indonesia (1))
Location: Diani Beach/Mombasa, Kenya
Snakelocks anemone
(Anemonia sulcata)
dt. Wachsanemone
Snakelocks anemone Anemonia sulcata (Photos Turkey (1), Norway (1))
Location: Kas, Turkey
Snakelocks anemone
(Anemonia viridis)
dt. Wachsrose
Snakelocks anemone Anemonia viridis (Photos Spain (5), Norway (1))
Location: Majorca, Spain
Daisy Anemone
(Cereus pedunculatus)
dt. Seemannsliebchen / Seenelke
Daisy Anemone Cereus pedunculatus (Fotos aus Norway (1))
Location: Liarvag, Norway
Giant Green Anemone
(Anthopleura xanthogrammica)
dt. Grüne Riesenanemone
Giant Green Anemone Anthopleura xanthogrammica (Photos Canada (2))
Location: Vancouver, Canada
Beadlet Anemone
(Actinia equina)
dt. Pferdeaktinie / Purpurrose
Beadlet Anemone Actinia equina (Photos Norway (1))
Location: Liarvag, Norway
Deepwater Dahlia Anemone
(Urticina eques)
dt. Rote Seedahlie
Deepwater Dahlia Anemone Urticina eques (Fotos aus Norway (1))
Location: Liarvag, Norway
Dahlia anemone
(Urticina felina)
Braue Seedahlie / Dickhörnige Seerose
Dahlia anemone Urticina felina (Photos Norway (5))
Location: Liarvag, Norway
Stubby rose anemone / Buried Urticina
(Urticina coriacea)
dt. Stoppelige Rosenanemone
Stubby rose anemone Urticina coriacea (Photos Canada (1))
Location: Vancouver, Canada


Curly-Cue Anemone / Corkscrew Anemone
(Bartholomea annulata)
dt. Ringelanemone
Curly-Cue Anemone Bartholomea annulata (Photos Dominican Republic (1))
Location: Sosua, Dominican Republic

Zoanthidea (Cluster Anemones)

Cluster Anemone
(Parazoanthus sp.)
dt. Krustenanemone
Aluster Anemone Parazoanthus sp. (Photos Indonesia (1))
Location: Bali, Indonesia

Stichodactylidae (Clownfish Anemones)

Beaded Anemone / Sand Anemone
(Heteractis aurora)
dt. Glasperlenanemone
Glasperlenanemone Heteractis aurora (Photos Indonesia (1))
Location: Bali, Indonesia
Magnificent sea anemone / Ritteri anemone
(Heteractis magnifica)
dt. Prachtanemone
Magnificent sea anemone Heteractis magnifica (Photos Thailand (5))
Location: Phuket, Thailand


Plumose anemone
(Metridium senile)
dt. Seenelke
Plumose anemone Metridium senile (Photos Ireland (6), Germany (10))
Location: Rerik-Meschendorf, Germany

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